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Re: Enomaly ECP: Multiple vulnerabilities in VMcasting protocol & implementation.

The reported issue DOES NOT AFFECT ANY CURRENT ENOMALY PRODUCT.  Our current products are Enomaly ECP Service Provider Edition and Enomaly ECP High Assurance Edition, and neither utilizes the "vmfeed" module.

Specifically, the "vmfeed" module has not been utilized in any version of our products released since the initial release of Enomaly ECP Service Provider Edition in June 2009.  The "vmfeed" module was utilized only in our previous-generation "Community Edition" product, which has been deprecated and withdrawn from distribution.  Enomaly ECP Service Provider Edition is a completely different product from the old Community Edition.

As a result, since the Community Edition product is deprecated and has been withdrawn, Enomaly has not investigated this reported issue.

Further information on the differences between the deprecated Community Edition technology and our current Service Provider Edition technology can be found at http://src.enomaly.com.

Lars-Erik Forsberg, VP Delivery
Enomaly Inc.