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London DEFCON February meet - DC4420 - Wed 24th Feb 2010

I think we can safely say that last month's meet was a huge success and the new venue was heartily approved by all... Attendance was back up and talks were excellent, as was food/drink/socialising etc., so thanks to all that made it!

This month we hope to continue in the same vein, with the line up being:

  Jean-Luc :  JVM breakout  (the technical one)

autom8on : thermal lance quick demo (the 'you can do this at home kids' fun one) ((( I'm hoping 'demo' is being used in the loosest possible way here!!!! )))

Major Malfunction : Armchair UAV Spotting (since I didn't have time to do it last month...)


   Upstairs at The Black Horse, 6 Rathbone Place, W1T 1HH

nearest stations:

Tottenham Court Road London Underground station (150m) - zone 1
Goodge Street London Underground station (440m) - zone 1
Oxford Circus London Underground station (630m) - zone 1
Leicester Square London Underground station (680m) - zone 1
Covent Garden London Underground station (750m) - zone 1


   room ours from 18:00, talks start at 20:00
   kitchen closes at 21:30
   last orders 23:00

see you all there!


"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...