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Croogo CMS 1.2 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities

Croogo CMS 1.2 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities

Vulnerable Software: 1.2 and prior
Release Date:     2010-03-06
Last Update:     2010-02-01
Critical:     Low
Impact:     Session hijack
        Denial of service
        Code execution

Solution Status:    Webvuln has informed and submitted a patch to the vendor
            Croogo 1.2.1 has been released
WebVuln Advisory:    1-009


Croogo is a content management system gaining popularity rapidily in the
CAKEPHP community. Its 'Contact' module allow the users to save the
messages and due to lack of input sanitation is vulnerable to cross site
scripting attacks.


The 'Contact' module allows their users to save the received messages to
the database. The vulnerabilities are present because the fields 'title'
'subject' are not sanitized at all.


An attacker can exploit this vulnerability simply by sending the
malicious code using the fields 'subject' or 'title' located in the
contact form.


Upgrade to Croogo 1.2.1 or download the latest copy of
'contacts_controller.php' from Croogo's public repository


2009/01/15 - Vulnerability discovered
2009/01/20 - Vendor contacted
2009/01/30 - Patch submitted to Croogo's public source code repositories
2010/01/31 - Patch merged with main branch
2009/03/06 - Vulnerability disclosed

Croogo CMS - http://www.croogo.org/
Croogo on GitHub - http://github.com/croogo/croogo
WebVuln - http://www.webvuln.com