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OXID eShop Enterprise: Session Fixation and XSS Vulnerabilities


 OXID eShop Enterprise Edition
 - Session Fixation Vulnerability
 - Stored Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
 Date: 30.03.2010


- Description

OXID eShop EE is a widespread and popular CMS for online shops.
The current release (4.2.0) has been found vulnerable to a session fixation and a XSS attack.

- Session Fixation

Passing the parameter sid via URL allows an attacker fixate the session ID to a given value.
By fooling legitimate users to follow the attacker provided URL with the fixated session ID, the attacker would be able to overtake the users session.

Example: http://vulnerable.system.com/index.php?sid=12345

A stored XSS vulnerability exists in the recommendation list (account_recommlist.php) in the fields recomm_title, recomm_author and recomm_desc. No further example will be given.

- Solution

Update to version 4.3.0

- Credits

The vulnerabilities were discovered by Michael Mueller from Integralis

- Timeline

23.03.2010 - Vulnerabilities discovered
23.03.2010 - Vendor contacted
23.03.2010 - Initial vendor response
25.03.2010 - Vendor response with ACK and fix date
30.03.2010 - Public disclosure

- Reference

Vendor Security Information

Vendor Homepage