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HITBSecConf DUBAI 2010: Learn more about web attacks and stealth hacking

Hi Folks,

If you are interested by web attacks and stealth hacking, come and join
us at HITBSecConf Dubai [
http://conference.hackinthebox.org/hitbsecconf2010dxb/?page_id=680 ].

Next 21st April, TEHTRI-Security will talk about web security, during
this presentation: "Silent Steps: Improving the Stealthiness of Web

This will include in particular:
 - Bunches of 0-days against widely deployed web applications
 - A new technical method for web attackers to improve their
stealthiness during an intrusion
 - A global analysis of fingerprints left by attackers during each step
of a web attack (backdoors, bounces...) and how to detect them

See you soon at HITBSecConf Dubai...

Laurent OUDOT, founder & CEO of TEHTRI-Security, "/This is not a game./"