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REZERVI (root) Remote Command Execution Vulnerability

REZERVI 3.0.2 Remote Command Execution Vulnerability


-- Vulnerability Details:
This vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on
vulnerable in directory "PATH/rezervi/include/mail.inc.php" with input "root" . Authentication is not
required to exploit this vulnerability.

# RFI Vulnerability! : [PATH/rezervi/include/mail.inc.php]
#		require_once($root."/include/phpmailer/phpmailer.inc.php");
# Because $root is not specific here , so attacker got RFI vulnerability and can exploit with Remote Command Execution (RCE) to upload or execute arbitrary shell code.

-=[Version Affected]=-
REZERVI 3.0.2 is Affected; Other or lowers version may also be affected.