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Re: Secunia Research: KDE KGet Insecure File Operation Vulnerability

Dear Secunia Research,

SR> The vulnerability is caused by KGet downloading files without the 
SR> user's acknowledgment, overwriting existing files of the same name 
SR> when displaying a dialog box that allows a user to choose the file to
SR> download out of the options offered by a metalink file.

SR> The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) project has assigned 
SR> CVE-2010-1511 for the vulnerability.

Is    it   same   vulnerability   with   CVE-2010-1000   or   different?
(CVE-2010-1000:  It  was  discovered  that KGet did not properly perform
input  validation when processing metalink files. If a user were tricked
into  opening a crafted metalink file, a remote attacker could overwrite
files  via directory traversal, which could eventually lead to arbitrary
code execution. )

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