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phpvidz Administrative Password Disclosure

Original Advisory:http://blog.sitewat.ch/2010/05/phpvidz-administrative-password.html

Affecting: phpvidz 0.9.5
Vulnerability: Administrative Password Disclosure 
Vendor's Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpvidz/
Date: May 15th 2010
Researcher: Michael Brooks

phpvidz does not use a SQL database.  Instead it uses a system of flat files to maintain application state.  The administrative password is stored within the following file and is included during runtime.  Because this file has a .inc extension it is viewable by the attacker. 

To exploit this issue visit this url:
By default the password is the following constant:
define ('ADMINPASSWORD'            , '0000'                );
This password can be used to login here (A username is not required):