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Static analysis tool exposition (SATE) 2010 Call for participation

We are preparing the third Static Analysis Tool Exposition (SATE).
Briefly, participating tool makers run their tool on a set of programs.
Researchers led by NIST analyze the tool reports. The results and
experiences are reported at a workshop. The tool reports and analysis
are made publicly available later.

The draft plan (including a summary of proposed changes since last
year) is at


In particular, we plan to provide the test sets by 28 June, and to
hold a workshop on 1 October.

We would appreciate any suggestions regarding the plan.

We invite tool makers to sign up. If you would like to participate in
the exposition, or if you have questions, please email Vadim Okun
(vadim.okun 'at' nist.gov).or Aurelien Delaitre (aurelien.delaitre 'at'