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Re: Administrivia: Real domain names in PoC/exploit examples

On Fri, 28 May 2010, dm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

And this is the sort of thing that would be appropriate:
- www.example.com (this is really the best way to go)

Except that www.example.com, while reserved according to RFC 2606, actually resolves to a host with a web server (running, interestingly, Apache 2.2.3 from circa 2006), which gives you a page telling you about RFC 2606. It appears to be run by the IANA. So it might be polite not to use this, so as not to attack the IANA by mistake.

Better would be the reserved TLDs from RFC 2606, which AFAIK should never resolve at all: *.test, *.example, and *.invalid. Unfortunately, "www.foo.example" is less obviously a host name compared to "www.example.com".

- Some other place-holder that is not a valid domain such as <victim>,

That works too.


Nate Eldredge