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Re[2]: DoS vulnerabilities in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and other browsers

Dear John Smith,

 Actually,  browser DoS may be quite serious vulnerability, depending on
 nature  of  DoS.  Think  about e.g. banner or content exchange network,
 social  networks,  web  boards,  etc where browser vulnerability may be
 used  against  site  or  page because it will harm any visitors of this
 site or page.

 In  case  of  this  very vulnerability, most serious impact may be from
 e-mail vector.

--Friday, May 28, 2010, 7:07:50 PM, you wrote to mustlive@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

JS> Just a few cents - DoS in webbrowsers doesn't fall under the category of
JS> "vulnerabilities" rather more of "annoyances". Although I don't deny the
JS> fact that certain DoS attacks *may lead* or *may serve as hints* to other
JS> more serious exploits, but that's a different topic and with ASLR in the
JS> scene, a very grey area of discussion.

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