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Re: Microsoft Windows Help Centre Handles Malformed Escape Sequences Incorrectly

I'm not asking about disclosure. I'm asking what happened to the level of communication between you and MSRC that after 4 days you posted this?

Tavis Ormandy wrote:
Susan, I wish I had the time to hold your hand through getting up to
speed on the disclosure debate. Instead, I would suggest starting with
the links in my advisory which were intended to give you enough
background to understand the issues involved (skip to the Notes section,
if you like).

As I cannot hope to speak as eloquently on the topic as Bruce, I will
not attempt to repeat them for you here.

If after researching the topic you still have questions, please let me

Thanks, Tavis.

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 08:36:09AM -0700, Susan Bradley wrote:
I'm not an enterprise customer, but I am a mouthy female. So here's my question back to you, for my education, how exactly did MSRC contact you back? Since June 5th have you tried emailing back or any of your contacts from past interactions and asked what was up? I'm disappointed in this lack of communication I see on both sides. You are ...well... Tavis Ormandy... I seriously doubt MSRC is blowing you off here.

Keep in mind we just had a LARGE patch week to deal with. I don't know what was going on on their side, nor making excuses as I don't know what communication you've had in the past and had on this issue ... I'm just saying I would have spent a little more time getting mad at them and sent a lot more emails back to them before posting this.

(And try dealing with Microsoft licensing sometime if you think security communication is lacking)