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Re: Re: Two independent vulnerabilities (client and server side) in Quake3 engine and many derived games

Have you tried some of the patches listed on this page?


Maybe specifically?

Quake 3  engine RCON half-second limit disabler (Windows and Linux) 0.1.2b
this patch disables the anti-bruteforcing check in the games that  use the Quake 3 engine for avoiding the Denial of Service (admins can't  use RCON) caused by the flooding of rcon packets (more info in the  file)
anyway remember that disabling this limitation naturally has  other negative sides effects like faster rcon brute forcing, so remember  to choose a strong rcon password

The other option is to ban players by iptables firewalling. I have a web-interface that does this as I was limited by the number of IPs that were able to be banned on a q3 engine based game (like 32).