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CFP NcN 2010

* No cON Name 2010 Congress === Call For Papers *


<> http://noconname.org				<>
<> October: 20,21				<>


<> http://noconname.org				<>
<> October: 18,19				<>

** What is No cON Name **

This congress is aimed at system and network administrators, programmers,
experts and/or security auditors, and also independent self-taught computer
security experts.

All of them with the same objective: to share and understand new and
different systems that currently shape the global networks.

Their common motivation is curiosity and the need to read again the
information already seen about the field of computer security. After the
improvements and modifications of a quest for perfection in a promising
field, we think it's very important to understand all the new information
that accumulates day by day.

In a society that depends mora and more on computer networks, information
security becomes of great importance for thousands of companies and people.
If we analyze the complexity of a computer system, wether it is a help
resort or a work tool for these professionals, we easily get to the
conclusion that, when the market requirement increases, these professionals
work tools get affected, what turns into a basic need, improve before the

** Where **

The seventh edition will be in Barcelona (Spain).

Place: Cosmocaixa

** When **

The conference will be held during October 20 and 21.
Trainings will be held October 18 and 19

** Who **

NcN is a non-profit organization run by 10 people from Spain. We work for
different Security companies, universities and local governments.


This conference, though technical, will be held in a semi-formal atmosphere,
allowing all participants to enjoy themselves by expanding their knowledge
on information security.


Speakers will enjoy the following privileges:

- Possibly free Air ticket to Barcelona for one person.
- Possibly free Hotel
- Free Party }:-)


CFP submission must include the following information:

1) Brief biography of the author, including list of publications and papers
previously published .
2) Proposed presentation title, category, synopsis and description.
3) Contact Information (full name, alias, handler, e-mail, postal address,
phone, fax, photo, country of origin, special dietary requirements).
4) Employment and/or affiliations information.
5) Any significant presentation and educational experience/background.
6) Why is your material different, innovative, significant or an important

Submission must be:

- a speech (with presentation)	(45 minutes)
- a Workshop			(45-55 minutes)

There are 10-12 slots to show workshops or speeches

All submission must be in English or Spanish in either MS Office or

Submissions deadline for September the 15th, 2010.


+ Due date for papers submission: 15th September 2010 Acceptance 
+ notification: 20th September 2010 Inscription to the congress and 
+ trainings: From 15st August till the opening date of the congress.

** TOPICS **

The areas of interest include, but are not restricted to:

	- Phishing / Malware studies
	- Identity Management examples.
	- Solutions studies of Data Leakage.
		+ Data Information Gathering / Metadata
		+ Log Management 
		+ EndPoint Security
	- Third Parties Control
	- COde Review [ SLDC ]
	- Tools / Studies for a BCP, SGSI Management.
	- Reversing studies.
	- Handled Security
	- SCADA xploiting techniques
	- Security Techniques and risk contents in organizational networks.

	- Other and significant subjects proposed

To find out more about our association and the congress, you can visit our
website at: http://noconname.org 

** PRICE **

- The price of entrance is 20 euros
- Training sessions will be different, depending on each trainer.

A message can be addressed to : jd (at) noconname.org Or to the
        + Jose Nicolas Castellano : jncastellano (at) noconname (dot) org
        + Alejandro Clares            :  aclares (at) noconname (dot) org

<> Please send submission to cfp (at) noconname (dot) org <>