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Re: Web Tool Announcement: ismymailsecure.com

Hi, Holger--

On Aug 18, 2010, at 2:59 AM, Holger Rabbach wrote:
> I am happy to announce the immediate availability of a web based email
> security testing tool at http://www.ismymailsecure.com.  [ ... ]
> If you have any concerns about having to enter a full email address,
> please be advised that this address is never stored anywhere. The only
> reason that the site asks for an email address rather than a domain is
> that it makes it easier for end-users to enter the correct information.
> Feel free to enter anything you like as the left hand part of the
> address, as it will be immediately stripped off by the tool anyway.

Your tool doesn't implement RFC-822 (2822/3696) address-checking properly; it returns:

  "cswiger+test@xxxxxxx is an invalid email address"