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The Smarter Safer Better Seminar Series

ISECOM presents Smarter Safer Better!

The failure to figure out correctly who to trust, what is safe, and how we are secure is how people get manipulated, cheated, scammed, and stolen from all the time in so many ways. This doesn't just come from thieves and hackers but also people like advertisers, co-workers, journalists, politicians, leaders, and even our own loved ones. If you don't learn to see through it then you will always be poorer and at a greater disadvantage in work, school, and life. But it doesn't have to be this way. ISECOM, the non-profit, security research organization is rolling out a seminar series world-wide to help you learn the skills you need to defend yourself and your family at home, online, at work, and on the streets.

For only 3 weeks in October, Pete Herzog, security researcher, security analyst, and co-founder of ISECOM, will be kicking off the Insecurity Seminars in select states and provinces for organizations who want to sponsor them for public or private venues:

Canada: ON

This is your only opportunity now to bring an internationally acclaimed security and trust expert on timely, sensitive, and highly critical topics to your organization, community center, school, or business.

How great would it be to know how to peel through the lies and deception in your life? Everyone has been fascinated and stunned by what they learn about security, trust, and themselves in ISECOM seminars. They learn how to develop a real sense of security. So now think how great would it be to live in a community where others could do that as well? This is people helping people to become smarter, safer, better people. You can help us do this by sponsoring any of the following 2-hour seminars in your area:

-- Smarter Safer Better
Whether it's advertising, identity thieves, con-artists, social conformity, bad relationships, or political promises, we all need to deal with the pressures of persuasion and deception all the time. This seminar covers practical skills to keep yourself from being tricked, fooled, or persuaded into making a choice you should know better not to. We will show how you get tricked and manipulated, the truth behind control, and how to empower yourself by giving others reason to trust you. By learning to think critically and see through the lies, fraud, and artificial influences around you is how you make yourself smarter, safer, and better.

-- Mastering Trust
If you ever wondered how you can see through a lie, expose fraud, or know enough to challenge deceit then this seminar is for you. Learn how to improve your trust instincts to make the right decisions quickly. Whether in times of crisis or just business as usual, we must face many choices where we need to trust someone or something and we need to be right about that trust. This seminar will teach you how to do exactly that.

-- Making Sense of Security
This is practical, no-nonsense, straight-talk on security based on OSSTMM 3 research. The OSSTMM is the ultimate manual on how to break the security of anything and the third version is more detailed and more explicit than ever before. Whether you need to lock down a building or a computer, the OSSTMM is the go-to resource on how to do it right and verify it. OSSTMM research has found its way into other security standards like ISO 27000 series and the NIST documents so you can be sure that when it comes to security, this is what you need to know. This seminar will lay out the how and why of the OSSTMM 3 in plain talk that will benefit and enlighten anyone whether they are professionals or security do-it-yourselfers.

-- Mastering Trust for Couples and Families
If you ever wondered if you can open up or trust someone again then this seminar is for you. Relationships are built on trust however sometimes that trust gets broken either in big or small ways. This seminar gives you the tools to analyze your own ability to trust and your own self confidence to become a better person by clearly seeing how to repair broken trusts. No tricks. This seminar provides very real and practical solutions for very real problems by identifying what your reasons are to trust.

-- Hacker Highschool, Critical Security Thinking for Teens
One of the most powerful things you can give a teen is how to be curious and resourceful like a hacker. Hackers succeed as they do because they know how to teach themselves beyond the lessons provided and give themselves the skills they need to see further and achieve more. This seminar provides a foundation in security the way the hackers learn it and the skills teens need to learn to take charge of their own learning beyond the school books. Parents and educators attending will also learn how to help other teens and how to start a Hacker Highschool chapter in their school.

-- The Bad People Project
There are too many rules for children to learn about being safe. Parents worry. They want that their child is safe and happy. So they pile on the rules for life but many conflict, are antiquated, or just don't make sense. That's why ISECOM began a project to study how we can improve the rules we give to children, understanding that cultural differences, mass media, and social conventions may reduce their effectiveness. First, we needed to know how children imagine a bad person looks and acts like. So we asked them to draw one. Now we are building better safety rules that children can hold on to through life regardless if on the streets, at school, at work, on the telephone, or over the Internet. Learn how we are doing this, how you can take part, and how you can bring these rules to the children in your life. This seminar is for parents and educators who want to keep children safer and happier in the modern world.

ISECOM is an open, non-profit, security research organization with the mission to "Make sense of security". Founded in 2001 in Barcelona, Spain as an open source research community, ISECOM received non-profit status in 2003. ISECOM regularly releases projects and updates based on cutting-edge security and trust research.

These seminars are provided in conjunction with our sponsors. Sponsors need to provide the venue and commit to a $3500 sponsorship per seminar to cover speaker expenses and materials.

Last day to reserve is September 10th however you should contact us as soon as possible to fit into an available time slot. With just a limited time in the US, you need to act now to coordinate dates and locations with us.

ISECOM seminars are a great way to reach the people in your community or within your specialization and take steps towards equipping them with knowledge and skills to fend for themselves!