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Online Binary Planting Exposure Test

ACROS Security has made the Online Binary Planting Exposure Test publicly accessible
for the benefit of all Windows users. This test should make it easy for users and
administrators to assess their exposure to binary planting attacks originating from
the Internet.

URL: http://www.binaryplanting.com/test.htm

Note that this test is NOT meant to answer whether you're vulnerable (at this point
where so many binary planting vulnerabilities exist out there you certainly are
vulnerable if you're on a Windows system). Rather, the test is meant to determine
whether your computer or network can be attacked from the Internet (using any one of
the known or unknown binary planting bugs).

You should also know that any network-based countermeasure (such as blocking SMB and
WebDAV at the perimeter) will stop protecting you when you connect your computer to
another network, such as a hotel-provided or public wireless network. Running the
test in various setups you're using might therefore be a good idea.

Additional information here:


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