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Rooted CON 2011 - Call for Papers

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Rooted CON 2011 - Call for Papers

- -=] About Rooted CON

Rooted CON is a security congress which will be held in Madrid (Spain)
from 3 to 5 March 2011, whose spectrum of participants ranging from
students to state forces and secret services, through professionals of
the security market, lawyers, or even technology enthusiasts (and others).

- -=] Type of Presentations

The congress accepts two kinds of presentations:

- - Fast talks: 20 minutes.
- - Normal talks: 50 minutes.

Depending of the received proposals, the talks will determine the
quantities of each type to confirm,there is not a stablished schedule
format for the congress but the agenda is structured according to demand
and supply that is received.

- -=] Topics

Topics and lectures considered interesting, but not exclusively limited to:

- - Hacking, cracking, phreaking, virii, WiFi, VoIP, GSM...
- - Reverse engineering, debugging, hooking, fuzzing, exploiting,...
- - Innovative defensive and offensive techniques and tools.
- - Security "in the cloud", security and hacking inside virtual
environments, products and services "in the cloud", ...
- - Técnicas de criptografía, esteganografía, canales subliminales, ...
- - Forensics, researching and anti-forensics techniques.
- - Networking, lawyer 2 and 3 protocols and hacking, encapsulation, ...

We will especially appreciate issues and proposals which were not
submitted in the previous edition of Rooted CON.

- -=] Procedure for submitting proposals

Only proposals received through the registration form will be accepted,
which can be accessed at the URL:

https://www.rootedcon.es/cfp2011-esp/ (spanish)
https://www.rootedcon.es/cfp2011-eng/ (english)

Any other form, media or communication other than through the
above-mentioned form is not considered for the purpose of submitted
presentations and, of course, not been valued.

- -=] Schedule

01 Sept 2010 - CFP opens
31 Dec 2010 - CFP closes.
Jan 2011 - Speakers selection.
Feb 2011 - Final paper and presentations material submitted
3-5 March 2011 - Rooted CON 2011

- -=] Speaker privileges

Every speaker will be given the following benefits:

- - Free dinner with the other speakers night before the congress.
- - Free accommodation
- - Travel expenses
- - Free access to the congress
- - Free party tickets/drinks

- -=] Sponsors and partners

Rooted CON is always looking for quality sponsors for the organization
of the congress, so if you or your company is interested, please contact us:


Any help, ideas, proposals or collaborations you send us will be
considered and valued by the organization: we depend on you to make this
congress one of the most original.

- -=] Contact us

Any ideas, suggestions or questions:


- -=] Our links

- - Web: http:/ /www.rootedcon.es/eng/
- - Twitter: @rootedcon
- - Facebook: http://bit.ly/fbookrooted
- - LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/linkedinrooted
- - Rooted mailing-list (spanish): rootedcon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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