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Exploit Next Generation Methodology

Some of you already heard about the Exploit Next Generation Methodology - or ENG++ (pronounced /Än'jÄn/ incremented)... And some of you were in its very first appearance:
	- The Departed: Exploit Next Generation @ H2HC 6th Edition

The ENG++ helps to create new exploit variants, maintaining the reliability and can be applied to:
	1. Penetration test;
	2. Exploit Development;
	3. Security Solution Evasion Test;
	4. Security Solution Quality Assurance;
	5. Etc...

That is the very first definition of "Z-Day Attacks" concept: any new attack exploitation variant that cannot be detected by regular security solutions and/or products.

Find further details @ http://fnstenv.blogspot.com/2010/09/exploit-next-generation.html


Nelson Brito
Security Researcher