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IBWAS'10 CfTraining - Deadline Approaching

Dear all,
the deadline for submitting Training proposals for IBWAS'10 is approaching.

Please advertise this.
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Best regards,


2nd. OWASP Ibero-American Web-Applications Security conference (IBWASâ10)
ISCTE â Lisbon University Institute
25th â 26th November 2010
Lisboa, Portugal


IBWAS and OWASP is currently soliciting training proposals for the OWASP Ibero-American Web Applications Security 2010 Conference (IBWAS'10) which will take place at ISCTE-IUL, Lisboa, Portugal, on November 24 through November 26, 2010. 

There will be training courses on November 24 followed by plenary sessions on the 25 and 26 with multiple tracks per day.ââ

We are seeking training proposals on the following topics (in no particular order):â
- Application Threat Modelingâ
- Business Risks with Application Securityâ
- Hands-on Source Code Reviewâ
- Metrics for Application Securityâ
- OWASP Tools and Projectsâ
- Privacy Concerns with Applications and Data Storageâ
- Secure Coding Practices (J2EE/.NET)â
- Starting and Managing Secure Development Lifecycle Programsâ
- Technology specific presentations on security such as AJAX, XML, etcâ
- Web Application Security countermeasuresâ
- Web Application Security Testingâ
- Web Services, XML and Application Securityâ
- Anything else relating to OWASP and Application Securityââ

Proposals on topics not listed above but related to the conference (i.e. which are related to Application Security) may also be accepted.â

To make a submission you must fill out the form available at http://ibwas09.netmust.eu/files/ibwas10/OWASP_IBWAS_2010_CFT.rtf.zip and submit by email to secretariat@xxxxxxxxxx

There may be 1 or half a day courses. The proposals must respect the restrictions of the OWASP Speaker Agreement. The conference will reward trainers with at least 30% of the total revenue of their courses, based on a minimum attendance. Courses that attract more students may be granted higher percentages. No other compensation (such as tickets or lodging) will be provided. If you require a different arrangement, please contact the conference chair at the email address below.

Instructors and authors will be paid based on the number of students in their training sessions. If the training gathers only the minimum number of students, the compensation will be 30% of the revenue. For each group of 10 extra students enrolled, the compensation will be increased by 5% of the revenue, up to a maximum of 45% of the training revenue. For example, a 1-day training with 10 to 19 students will generate a compensation of 30% of the revenue. For classes of 20 to 29 students, the compensation raises to 35% percent of the revenue.

In exceptional cases, different compensation schemes may be accepted. Please contact the conference organization team by email (secretariat@xxxxxxxxx) for details.

**Training cost**
  half-day training: 250 EUR per student
  1-day training: 450 EUR per student 
All prices in Euros (EUR)

**Minimum number of students**
  half-day trainings: 10 students
  1-day trainings: 20 students
**Important Dates:**â 
Submission deadline is October 13, 2010.â 
Notification of acceptance will be October 20, 2010.â 
Final version is due October 29, 2010.ââ

The conference organization team may be contacted by email at secretariat@xxxxxxxxxââ

For more information, please see the following web pages:
 Conference Website: http://www.ibwas.com, http://www.owasp.org/index.php/IBWAS10
 OWASP Speaker Agreement: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Speaker_Agreement
 OWASP Website: http://www.owasp.org
 Easychair conference site: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ibwas10
 Presentation proposal form: http://ibwas09.netmust.eu/files/ibwas10/OWASP_IBWAS_2010_CFT.rtf.zip

********** WARNING: Submissions without all the information requested in the proposal form will not be considered ************

Please forward to all interested practitioners and colleagues.

Carlos SerrÃo