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H2HC 2009 Videos Available!

Dear All,

It is a pleasure to announce that the H2HC 2009 videos are finally
available online!

We had a very exciting conference with some 0day vulnerabilities
affecting Microsoft Platforms released by Cesar Cerrudo.  Those
vulnerabilities have been later explained in Blackhat this year, which
shows how innovative in content H2HC usually is.

You can watch the presentation videos for free.  The link for
visualization is:  http://www.h2hc.com.br/eventos.php

Together with this announcement I would like to thanks to Nitro
Security, a new Platinum Sponsor for H2HC 2010!!  Now we have the
Platinum Sponsorship of Microsoft, Check Point, Trend Micro and Nitro
Security.   Special thanks to all the sponsors that made possible the
amazing speakers we invited for the conference this year.  More on this
available on our website.

If you can make it to Brazil in 27-28 of November this year, try to show
up in Cancun on 3rd of December for a special H2HC edition in Mexico
with simultaneous translations for ALL the talks between English-Spanish.

Best Regards,

Rodrigo (BSDaemon).