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Re: [Full-disclosure] Security-Assessment.com Advisory: Oracle JRE - java.net.URLConnection class - Same-of-Origin (SOP) Policy Bypass

Michal thanks for the reply to defend credits :).

I had some moderation issues when I tried to send some word about this.
Just for sake of clarification:
I sent the advisory to Oracle on 20th April 2010. Oracle acknowledged
the issue on june.

If Roberto sent the advisory to Oracle then Oracle just didn't tell
him they already knew about it.
If Roberto just sent the issue to Apache then no one's faulty. :)
Anyway I hope credits will be at least shared between me and Roberto.


2010/10/20 Michal Zalewski <lcamtuf@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Security-Assessment.com follows responsible disclosure
>> and promptly contacted Oracle after discovering
>> the issue. Oracle was contacted on August 1,
>> 2010.
> My understanding is that Stefano Di Paola of Minded Security reported
> this back in April; and further, the feature was a part of reasonably
> well-documented functionality of Java pretty much ever since:
> http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/net/URL.html
> "Two hosts are considered equivalent if both host names can be
> resolved into the same IP addresses"
> This was a pretty horrible design, so it's good to see it gone, though.
> /mz
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