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Re: Web challenges from RootedCON'2010 CTF - Contest -> Solutions and Write-ups

Contest is over. PPP (Plaid Parliament of Pwning) won the prize.

Write-ups (3 in English and 1 in Spanish) were packed in this .rar file:
(see "readme" file with complete info and press-release).

Thanks to all who played with us :)

PD: Again, this has nothing to do with current RootedCON congress/organization.


Roman Medina-Heigl Hernandez escribió:
> Hello,
> Next Friday I will be running a web-based challenges contest. Winner will
> be awarded with the new iPod touch from Apple. Thanks to Hispasec Sistemas
> (you probably know them as the makers of VirusTotal service) from
> sponsoring the prize.
> Full info (registration currently open):
> http://www.rs-labs.com/rooted2010-ctf/
> PS: Contest is a *personal initiative*. The current RootedCON organization
> is NOT involved at all. Chosen name is merely anecdotal.