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H2CSO (Hackers to CSO) debate second edition - Free Live Streaming

Dear All,

I'm happy to announce that the H2CSO (Hackers to CSO) debate will happen

We will broadcast the debate freely on the internet, in English.  To
subscribe just go to the link:

The Decision Report is organizing a Security Leaders conference in
Brazil and we are hosting the H2CSO debate inside their conference this
year, achieving the great ideal of promoting the security research
inside the higher level of organizations.

We have a professional moderator, Graca Sermoud for the debate, and in
the table of discussion we count with:
    - Fernando Santos -> Area Manager of Check Point and the original
person who suggest me to organize the debate
    - Gabi Reish -> Head of Network Security Product Management of Check
    - Wolfgang Kandek -> CTO of Qualys
    - Luiz Eduardo -> Security Engineer of Nitro Security and organizer
of YSTS (You shot the sheriff Conference)
    - Matthieu Suiche -> Researcher of Moonsols
    - Jonathan Brossard -> Researcher of Toucan
    - Itzik Kotler -> CTO of Security Art
    - Rodrigo Rubira Branco -> Senior Security Researcher of Check
Point, organizer of H2HC (Hackers to Hackers Conference) and member of
the Dissect || PE Project (http://feeds.dissect.pe)

The date is 24/november and the subscribers will also have the
opportunity to send questions to the moderated painel and to have access
to the video recording afterwards.

Best Regards,