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Re: Flaw in Microsoft Domain AccountCachingAllows Local Workstation Admins to TemporarilyEscalatePrivileges and Login as Cached Domain Admin Accounts(2010-M$-002)

"StenoPlasma @ ExploitDevelopment" <StenoPlasma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Your MUA is defective, it strips the "References:" header! 

> Stefan,
> For you information:
> Cached domain accounts on a local system are not stored in the SAM.  They 
> are stored in the SECURITY registry hive.  When a cached domain user logs 
> in to the system, they do not authenticate against the SAM (As you can see 
> in my article, I am not editing the SAM).  

Obviously you have NOT understand a single word!

It is COMPLETELY irrelevant where cached credentials are stored on the
local computer, and I haven't written anything about that.

Logins with local user accounts are authenticated against the resp. SAM,
whereas logins with domain user accounts are authenticated against the
resp. AD. Only if the latter is not available cached credentials are used.


[ another braindead fullquote removed]