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Making Security Suck Less


"Now not everything about the old security model is bad. Personally, I really like the Zen feel of it. It's like raking the fine, white, beach sand into those concentric lines and around rocks and dead fish and stuff. It's very Zen. Then as the tide rises, the wind blows, and Frisbees get badly thrown you have to do it all over again in a very Zen way like this: Install. Harden. Configure. Patch. Scan. Patch again. Update. Re-configure. Scan. Patch again. Uninstall. Re-install. Configure. And then you do it all over again! With so much Zen practice it's hard not to become a Master of the security repeat cycle. But you know what else is Zen? NOT doing that. It's less stressful to maintain an existing balance between operations, limitations, and controls then running around and putting out fires."

This is from my new article called, "Making Security Suck Less" you can read finished at:


There's some more, new articles reviewing the OSSTMM and the new security model at InfoSec Island here:



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