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Majordomo2 - Directory Traversal (SMTP/HTTP)

Original Advisory: https://sitewat.ch/en/Advisory/View/1
Credit: Michael Brooks (https://sitewat.ch)
Vulnerability:  Directory Traversal
Software: Majordomo2
Vendor: http://www.mj2.org/
Affected Build: 20110121 and prior
Special thanks to Dave Miller,  Reed Loden and the rest of the Mozilla security team for handling the issue.
This vulnerability is exploitable via ALL of Majordomo2's interfaces. *Including e-mail*.  Send an email to majordomo's mail interface (for example: majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxx) with the body of the message as follows:
help ../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
I'll give you one guess as to the contents of the response email ;).
PoC for HTTP: