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DC4420 - London DEFCON - February meet - Tuesday 22nd February 2011

If I said you had a beautiful venue would you hold it against me?

OK, so the January social was not only good++ but it also confirmed that we have an awesome new home!!! Place is big, but not too big - room for growth but laid out so we can easily huddle in the meantime. Food is good. Beer is good. Space is good. PA is good. 'Stage' is good. Screen is good. Did I see beer is good? What more could we need? Oh, that's right... awesome speakers! Well, that's also good. We've got 'em...

This month we have a spectacular start to the year with a stellar guest speaker from The Hacker's Choice presenting new and devastating StuffYouDon'tWantToMiss(tm):

THC - 'Advances in understanding DoS' - it's not about lots of traffic anymore - DDoS Amazon from your DSL.

Read it again: Amazon. DSL. Need I say more?

Oh, and there will be tools. =:O

Also, bringing back our popular 'one serious, one fun' talk format, we've got in the fun slot:

  Christer - linux kernel "0days" are obsolete (you can now get them
for free)

and finally, this will be Dominic's (of Bluetooth fame) last dc4420 for the forseeable future, so we intend to get him really really drunk and then allow him to spew into the mic... Could be interesting^wdisgusting...

Important stuff:

Meeting is *** DOWNSTAIRS ***

Room is ours from 17:30

If you arrive early (and, for that matter, if you arrive late), please make sure you order food & drink at the downstairs bar. If you create a tab, create it at the downstairs bar. Basically, once you arrive, you belong to the downstairs bar!!! This is important if we are to keep this space - we need to be able to show that we are bringing in decent food & drink spend (peeing is free, however... you can do that upstairs).

Venue is here:


2 minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube.


   Tuesday 22nd Febraury 2011


   17:30 till kicking out


   The Phoenix
   37 Cavendish Square
   W1G 0PP

All this year's dates are posted on the website:


See you in a couple of weeks!

"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...