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DC4420 - London DEFCON - March meet - Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Another 22nd! How spooky is that? If I were a gambling man, I'd be betting on horse number 22 coming in 2nd in the 2nd race... or something....

and while we're on the subject of unlikely things, who says there's no such thing as free beer? Yes, this month we've found not one but two victi^Wsponsors who are deliberately falling foul of our Fight Club rules and offering to buy the room a round of drinks! And one of them wants to offer you a job to boot! OK, they had me at the free beer, but what the hell... I will pause my supping to listen to the job offer... and then drink more beer.

Which brings us nicely to the first talk:

"Quantum Technology - first encounter" by Grégoire Ribordy, Quantum Engineer (like a Rocket Scientist, only smaller).

Not only is Grégoire going to explain a lot of stuff that we thought might be possible but can't quite believe, but he's also going to buy us another round of drinks! How awesome is that? Let's hope they're not to scale...

and for the short/fun talk:

  Adrien Kunysz aka Krunch brings us "BOFH meets SystemTap"

and finally...

  Bonus workshop - fibre optic sniffing. Shiny!

Important stuff:

Meeting is *** DOWNSTAIRS ***

Room is ours from 17:30, talks kick off at 19:30

Venue is here:


2 minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube.


   Tuesday 22nd March 2011


   17:30 till kicking out


   The Phoenix
   37 Cavendish Square
   W1G 0PP

As always, all this year's dates are posted on the website:


See you in a couple of weeks!

"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...