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[Announcement] ClubHACK Magazine Issue 14-March 2011 released

Hi All
So here we are with our 14th Issue of CHMag. We are loving the contribution of readers. Keep that coming. From this month we are Introducing new section i.e Matruix Vibhag.

ClubHACK Magazine: http://chmag.in

Direct Download:- http://chmag.in/issue/mar2011.pdf

In this issue we have the following articles:- 
Tech Gyan - Remote Thread Execution in System               Process
Tool Gyan - JS Recon: Java Script Network Reconnaissance Tool
Mom's Guide - Choosing Right Secure Mobile 
Legal Gyan  - Law Related to Unauthorized Access
Command Line Gyan - Backup & Bulk Copy
Maruix Vibhag - Introduction Part 1
Poster of the month - An attacker can hit you anytime.

Abhijeet Patil,
ClubHACK Magazine