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[TEHTRI-Security] Quick BlackBerry Security Check


If you are a lucky BlackBerry owner, or an administrator of many BB
devices, you can do a quick security check of your smartphone(s), by
browsing this web page from your device (free quick check):


For now, this will check for you if you are potentially vulnerable
against those exploits:

-> Nov 2007 - US-CERT Advisory VU#282856 - Exploit from Michael Kemp

-> Jan 2011 - CVE-2010-2599 - Exploit found by TEHTRI-Security

-> Mar 2011 - CVE-2011-1290 - Awesome Pwn2own/CSW exploit from Vincenzo
Iozzo, Ralf Philipp Weinmann, and Willem Pinckaers

A workaround for this latest vulnerability (CVE-2011-1290) could be to
disable JavaScript, as explained on RIM resources.

You should definitely read this: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB26132

Have a nice day,

Laurent OUDOT, CEO TEHTRI-Security -- "This is not a game"
 Follow us: @tehtris

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