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Re: Vulnerabilities in some SCADA server softwares

> At what point in time did you try contacting any of the vendors for
> these issues?

the vendors of the affected softwares have not been contacted.

> How do you propose a manufacturer fix an issue?

in the security field a public vulnerability is a dead vulnerability,
anyone who has found and released at least one security bug in his life
knows it and knows to what I refer.

90% of the job of fixing a bug is just finding it first, I have even
showed the details, the causes and the ways to replicate them.

> Where in any of your advisories did you take the time to let a company
> know: "hey you guys have some potential issues, here they are!!!"

I have done it in the exact moment that I have uploaded my advisories on
my website making anyone aware of the problems, included the same
vendors that now can fix them.

Luigi Auriemma