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phplist: cross site request forgery (CSRF), CVE-2011-0748

phplist: cross site request forgery (CSRF), CVE-2011-0748




phplist is a mailing list software written in PHP.

Up to version 2.10.12, it provided no protection against cross site
request forgery (CSRF) at all, allowing a malicious attacker
controlling a webpage an admin visits at the time being logged into
phplist to gain full control over the phplist installation.

The vendor has released version 2.10.13, which fixes the vulnerability,
but somehow forgot to give any credit to the person reporting the
vulnerability to them.

Disclosure Timeline

2011-02-03: Vendor contacted
2011-02-10: Vendor releases 2.10.13 with fix
2011-04-07: Published advisory

This vulnerability was discovered by Hanno Boeck, http://www.hboeck.de,
of schokokeks.org webhosting.

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