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nSense-2011-001: VeryPDF pdf2tif

       nSense Vulnerability Research Security Advisory NSENSE-2011-001

       Affected Vendor:    VeryPDF (+ Multiple others, eg
                           Barcode Reader Tookit version )
       Affected Product:   PDF Extract TIFF COM (prior to April 8'th)
       Platform:           Windows
       Impact:             Local/Remote code execution
       Vendor response:    Patch
       CVE:                None
       CVSS2:              9.3 - (AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C)
       Credit:             JODE

       Technical details

       A PDF file format parsing vulnerability exists in the pdf2tif
       parser and can be exploited with a specially crafted input
       file. The plugin suffers from a buffer overflow flaw.

       Many server side applications use the library when converting
       pdf files to images. If an attacker is able to send the
       application a malicious file, successful exploitation leads to
       code being executed in  the context of the running application.

       Upgrade to the latest version of the pdf2tif.dll.

       April    1th                  Contacted vendor
       April    1th                  Vendor responded, requesting gold
	                             support license agreement number.
       April    8th                  Vendor released the fix
       April    12th                 Advisory released

       http://www.nsense.fi                       http://www.nsense.dk

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