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[PRE-SA-2011-03] Denial-of-service vulnerability in EFI partition handling code of the Linux kernel

PRE-CERT Security Advisory

* Advisory: PRE-SA-2011-03
* Released on: 13 Apr 2011
* Last updated on: 13 Apr 2011
* Affected product: Linux Kernel 2.4 and 2.6
* Impact: denial-of-service
* Origin: storage devices
* Credit: Timo Warns (PRESENSE Technologies GmbH)
* CVE Identifier: CVE-2011-1577


The Linux kernel contains a vulnerability that may lead to
a denial-of-service due to corrupted partition tables on storage

The kernel automatically evaluates partition tables of storage devices.
This happens independently of whether any auto-mounting is enabled or
not. The code for evaluating EFI GUID partition tables contains a buffer
overflow bug that allows to cause kernel oops resulting in a denial of


Compile and use a kernel that does not evaluate EFI GUID partition
tables. The corresponding configuration key is CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION.


A patch is available at


When further information becomes available, this advisory will be
updated. The most recent version of this advisory is available at:



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