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Re: [DSECRG-11-018] Kaspersky administration Kit - Remote code execution via SMBRelay

Dear Alexandr Polyakov,

AFAIK, SMB NTLM relaying was closed with MS08-068 and Kerberos was never
possible  to  relay. Are you sure authentication is really possible with
patched windows systems?

--Monday, April 25, 2011, 12:21:57 PM, you wrote to bugtraq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

AP> Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] Advisory       #DSECRG-11-018

AP> Application:             Kaspersky Administration Kit
AP> Versions Affected:       from 6.0
AP> Vendor URL:              http://www.kaspersky.com
AP> Bug:                     Design flaw
AP> Exploits:                YES
AP> Reported:                22.01.2011
AP> Vendor response:         22.01.2011
AP> Solution:                disable IP scan
AP> Date of Public Advisory: 14.03.2011
AP> Authors:                 Alexey Sintsov of Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG]

AP> Description
AP> ***********

AP> Service account used for Kaspersky Administration Kit and it
AP> functional make possible attack on other hosts
AP> in a corporate network.

AP> Details
AP> *******

AP> Functional called "Scan IP subnets" is enabled by default in Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.
AP> This function makes ICMP scan and also tries to use SMB
AP> protocol by using service account which can be
AP> used to run SMBrelay attack and gain full control on secured
AP> network. By default "Scan IP subnets" 
AP> scans  subnet every 7 hours. Attacker just needs to run
AP> SMBRelay tool and wait. Attack is possible
AP> because  Kaspersky service account have Administrative rights on hosts in corporate network.
AP> It's mean that attacker can attack any server or workstation
AP> where this service account has rights. 

AP> Fix Information
AP> ***************

AP> 1) Do not start Administration Server service under a Domain Administrator account
AP> or a domain account member of local administrators group on other hosts.
AP> 2) Disable "Scan IP subnets"

AP> http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208284121 

AP> References
AP> *********

AP> http://dsecrg.ru/pages/vul/show.php?id=318
AP> http://dsecrg.blogspot.com/2011/03/smbrelay-bible-4-smbrelay-with-no.html

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