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OSI Security: LANSA aXes Web Terminal (TN5250) Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

LANSA aXes Web Terminal (TN5250) Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Release Date:

 LANSA - aXes

 "Transform your 5250 applications into GUI browser-based applications
 automatically – without changing any lines of your source code. Work with
 IBM i, System i, iSeries and AS/400 5250 applications securely and efficiently
 from browser-based devices running across the Internet, inside your corporate
 Intranet or on a mobile network."

Versions tested:
 Version V1R3M5 / VRM130.000 (135001) has been confirmed as
vulnerable. Other versions untested.

Vulnerability discovered:
 Cross-site Scripting

Vulnerability impact:
 Low - Remote content may contain JavaScript which is client executed.
May be used to steal authentication information.

Vulnerability information:
 The remote page may contain JavaScript for XSS purposes, e.g. cookies.




 Vendor did not respond.


 Disable JavaScript, use a WAF / IDS etc.

 This vulnerability was discovered by Patrick Webster.

Disclosure timeline:
 18-Sep-2010 - Discovered during audit.
 23-Sep-2010 - Notified vendor. Received automated support ticket.
 30-Apr-2011 - Disclosure.

About OSI Security:

 OSI Security is an independent network and computer security auditing
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