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Paranoia 2011: Call for papers

Call for papers for Paranoia 2011, November 10th.

Link: http://paranoia.watchcom.no/index.php?page=40

Potential speakers are invited to submit topics and summary abstracts for the 6th annual PARANOIA conference in Oslo, Norway. 

This one-day event attracts 600+ attendees and vendors providing opportunities for business and intellectual engagement among attendees on topics related to IT- and information security.

There is no registration fee for speakers of accepted topics.

Suggested topics for submission of papers are listed below (but not limited to):
?	Cyber Warfare
?	Information Assurance
?	Security Data Collection and Analysis
?	Internet-based Terrorism and Espionage
?	Reverse Engineering of Viruses and Worms
?	Security Policy Implementation & Compliance
?	Botnet Detection and Prevention
?	Information Security Risk Management
?	Economics of Information Security
?	Computer & Network Forensics
?	Network Security and Intrusion Detection
?	Computer Crime and Digital Forensics
?	Security in the Cloud / Distributed Systems
?	Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection
?	Curriculum Development in Information Security
?	Digital Rights Management
?	Privacy & Security
?	Smart Grid / Critical Infrastructure Security

Speakers are encouraged to use multi-media and/or live demo, if appropriate.
Internet access will be available at the venue.

Speakers should submit an outline of their proposed talk along with an abstract. Papers will be judged on topic originality and technical content. Electronic submission is required in pdf or standard Microsoft Office applications (Word, Powerpoint). Vendors are allowed to submit proposals, however any vendor submission must be vendor neutral and approach the topic area from a technical/technology/solution approach rather than vendor specific products/solutions.

Submit your proposal to: paranoia (at)watchcom (dot)no

Submission Deadlines:
Proposed topic and abstract, 15 July 2011.
Speaker selection notification, 1 August 2011.
Final presentation material due, 15 October 2011.