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Vega beta release: a new open-source web-application security assessment platform


We've been quietly working for the last few months on a new platform for
scanning and pen-testing web applications. It's called Vega. It's
GUI-based, open source, and includes an automated scanner and
intercepting proxy. We launched the beta today at FISL12.

Vega is written in Java, based on Eclipse RCP, and runs nicely on OS X,
Linux, and Windows.

Vega is also really extensible: there's an embedded Javascript
interpreter for writing custom modules. The rich API is documented on
our Trac wiki. Nearly all of the vulnerability checks are Javascript
modules, and it's very easy to write new ones.

Vega is developed by Subgraph in Montreal and is licensed under the EPL

Download Vega 1.0 Beta at http://www.subgraph.com. You can find us in
#subgraph on freenode.

Looking forward to hearing beta feedback.

David Mirza <dma@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Vega, the Open Source Web Security Platform
Twitter: @subgraph

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