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Re: [Full-disclosure] [Bkis] sNews 1.7.1 XSS vulnerability

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 09:59:16AM +0700, Bkis wrote:
> 1. General Information
> sNews is a free content management system (CMS) written in PHP and MySQL. It is available at http://snewscms.com/. In April 2011, Bkis Security discovered an XSS (Cross-site Scripting) vulnerability in sNews CMS version 1.7.1. Taking advantage of this vulnerability, hacker might execute malicious code or get cookie of CMSâs administrator.
> Details: http://security.bkis.com/snews-1-7-1-xss-vulnerability/
> SVRT Advisory:	Bkis 01-2011
> Initial vendor notification:	01/05/2011
> Release Date:	12/05/2011
> Update Date:	12/05/2011
> Discovered by:	Cao Xuan Sang - Bkis
> Attack Type:	XSS
> Security Rating:	High
> Impact:	Code Execution
> Affected Software:	sNews 1.7.1 ( possibly in some earlier versions )
> 2. Technical Descriptions
> XSS vulnerability exists in âreorderâ functions of administrator: Categories reorder, Articles reorder and Pages reorder. Here, input variables are not adequately checked and filtered before querying the database. Then if a special character is added to the value, the SQL query will have wrong syntax, and the erroneous notification is displayed in the browser accompanied with the value of the erroneous variable and the erroneous query, causing XSS vulnerability.
> It is the administrators that are affected by this vulnerability. With different scenarios, hacker is able to steal the Administratorâs cookie or redirect the browser to a malicious website, etc. 
> 3. Solution
> sNewsâs development team has not issued the patches for this vulnerability yet. Thus, Bkis recommends individuals and organizations use this software and fix the flaw as the below solution:
> Search in file snews.php:
> 	$type_id = str_replace($remove,'',$key);
> Then, add the code below:
> 	$value = clean(cleanXSS(trim($value)));
> 4. About Bkis
> Bkis is Vietnamese leading Company in researching, deploying network security software and solutions.
> website: http://bkis.vn

Identifier CVE-2011-2706 is assigned for this issue. Please edit advisory accordingly.

Best regards,
Henri Salo