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[oCERT-2011-002] libavcodec insufficient boundary check

#2011-002 libavcodec insufficient boundary check


The libavcodec library, an open source video encoding/decoding library part
of the FFmpeg and Libav projects, performs insufficient boundary check
against a buffer index. The missing check can result in arbitrary read/write
of data outside a destination buffer boundaries.

The vulnerability affects the Chinese AVS video (CAVS) file format decoder,
specially crafted CAVS files may lead to arbitrary code execution during

Affected version:

FFmpeg <= 0.7.2, <= 0.8.1

Libav <= 0.7.1

The following packages were identified as affected as they statically
include libavcodec in their own packages.

MPlayer <= 1.0_rc4

Fixed version:

FFmpeg >= 0.7.3, >= 0.8.2

Libav, N/A

MPlayer, N/A

Credit: vulnerability report received from Emmanouel Kellinis.


2011-07-14: vulnerability report received
2011-07-15: contacted ffmpeg maintainers
2011-07-15: ffmpeg maintainer confirms the issue, preliminary patch is
2011-07-21: patch approved by reporter
2011-07-23: contacted affected vendors
2011-08-10: advisory release


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