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CVE-2011-0527: VMware vFabric tc Server password obfuscation bypass

Severity: Important

Versions Affected:
  2.0.0.RELEASE to 2.0.5.SR01
  2.1.0.RELEASE to 2.1.1.SR01

tc Server allows users to store the passwords used for JMX authentication in an obfuscated form for organizations where storing passwords in plain text is not permitted. The JMX authentication implementation was incorrectly allowing users to authenticate using the password in either its plain text form or its obfuscated form, bypassing the benefit of obfuscation.

If you are not using password obfuscation, then you are not affected by this issue.
  Users of 2.0.x may mitigate this issue by upgrading to 2.0.6.RELEASE.
  Users of 2.1.x may mitigate this issue by upgrading to 2.1.2.RELEASE.
  Users of 2.5.x are not affected.

The issue was reported by the SpringSource tc Server support team.

  2011-08-11: Original Advisory