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XSS in IBM Open Admin Tool

âXSS in IBM Open Admin Tool (OAT_2.27_install_windows.exe)â

Product version tested :  OAT v2.27

Vendore has been informed : July 27, 2010

They fix the vulnerability on : March 2011

Fixed version: OAT v2.72

Credit : sumit kumar soni (ssummit@xxxxxxxxx)

Product Link: 

Tested on windows XP

Open Admin tool For IDS  Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

OpenAdmin Tool is a PHP-based Web browser administration tool for managing one 
or more Informix Dynamic Servers. The OpenAdmin Tool for IDS provides the 
ability to monitor and administer multiple database IDS server instances from a 
single location.

There is a  XSS vulnerability exist in its index page for parameter named 
informixserver , host & port.



&host= &port= &username= &userpass= &idsprotocol=onsoctcp&conn_num



Sumit Kumar Soni