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RE: [Full-disclosure] Microsoft's Binary Planting Clean-Up Mission

I'm curious.  Who is your contact at MSFT?  Who is it that has told you they have a "Binary Planting Clean-up Mission" and where do they mention you as having anything to do with it?

If you are going to claim MSFT's actions as substantive to your agenda, how about provide some details?


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> Hey Chris,
> > I bet Microsoft actually like stating they just fixed yet another
> > severe bug.
> > Zero-day fixing is big business, you know....even if "zero"
> > is past a few "days".
> I don't think Microsoft gains much from being able to say they fixed yet
> another bug
> - maybe if it were a bug they found internally and fixed proactively, but not
> like this. And I'm sure they'd rather be doing something else than fixing:
> fixing a product costs a lot, and it generates no revenue.
> Cheers,
> Mitja