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Re: [Full-disclosure] Breaking the links: Exploiting the linker

CVEs have now been assigned to the two previously reported bugs as follows:

> 1)  http://www.nth-dimension.org.uk/downloads.php?id=83 - Privesc attack
> using DB2 from normal user to root, the PoC is for Linux but based on
> testing the AIX version looks iffy too although I couldn't get gcc to
> generate a valid library to exploit it.

CVE-2011-4061.  FWIW I now have a version of the exploit for this working on 
AIX, based on a copy of kbbacf1 from IBM Tivoli Monitoring  It 
therefore appears that the vulnerable version of kbbacf1 isn't just shipped 
with DB2.

> 2) http://www.nth-dimension.org.uk/downloads.php?id=80 - Generic attack on
> the QNX runtime linker which abuses an arbitrary file overwrite and race
> condition to get root.


Tim Brown

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