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IPv6 security (slides and training)


We have uploaded the slides of my IPv6 Security presentation at H2HC
2011 <http://www.h2hc.com.br/?lang=en>. -- The slides are available at:

That aside, on November 15-16 I'll be teaching a two-day IPv6 security
training at the DEEPSEC 2011 conference in Vienna
(http://www.deepsec.net). Please check out the details at:

P.S.: More information about the contents and objetive of this training
is available at


Best regards,
Fernando Gont
SI6 Networks
e-mail: fgont@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PGP Fingerprint: 6666 31C6 D484 63B2 8FB1 E3C4 AE25 0D55 1D4E 7492