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[Announcement] ClubHack Mag Issue 22- Nov 2011 Released

Dear All,
Here are with the Issue-22, November 2011 of ClubHack Magazine. 

This issue covers following articles:-

0x00 Tech Gyan - Looking Into the Eye of the Bits
0x01 Tool Gyan - Ravan ? JavaScript Distributed Computing System
0x02 Mom's Guide - Best Practices of Web Application Security
0x03 Legal Gyan - Law relating to Cyberterrorism
0x04 Matriux Vibhag - OWASP Mantra?s MoC Crawler
0x05 Poster - Ravan

Check http://chmag.in/ for articles.
PDF version can be download from:- http://chmag.in/issue/nov2011.pdf
Hope you'll enjoy the magazine.
Send us your feedback and articles at info@xxxxxxxx

Abhijeet Patil,
Co-Founder, CHMag